Parent Involvement



Our mission is, enabling client organizations to deliver qualitative and quantitative results families need and funders want.

Junapa functions as an extension of your team providing subject matter knowledge and support for parent programming when funding, staff expertise or time is limited.

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The impact of positive father involvement on the well-being of a child is well documented. Junapa's mission in this practice area is strengthening the performance of fatherhood programs, serving low and moderate-income populations through innovative and evidenced-based resources. We achieve these objectives by creating father-centered programs focused on parent competencies, economic self-sufficiency, essential life skills and support for fathers. Junapa provides the following fatherhood services:

Parent involvement is the groundwork for strengthening educational achievement, families and communities. Junapa's mission in this practice area is enhancing the skills and practices of program staff, so they are able to effect meaningful results for families. We specialize in programming for low and moderate-income families with emphasis on culturally responsive practices and program content. Junapa provides the following services:

Strategic Partner Support: An effective resource for programs with limited funding, staff expertise or time. Junapa creates a 12-month plan tailored to your program goals that is ready for immediate implementation. The components include program goals, objectives, strategy, evaluation, reporting, templates, promotional material and coaching.....a complete "Plug-and-Play" program service.  
Program Assessment and Evaluation: An analytical review of program data, strategy, content, policy and procedure, practices and resources. A prerequisite process for new programs or program development.
Staff Development and Coaching:  We focus on the development of knowledge and skill to strengthen both individual and program effectiveness working with fathers and families. Our coaching service is based on a self-efficacy approach to support the development of fatherhood practitioners by delivering the latest idustry information, practices and mentoring in one-on-one and small group settings.
Program Content: Junapa has a portfolio of tried-and-tested activities to engage fathers in their child's learning and development; evidenced-based curricula to develop new parenting skills and capacities; effective strategies for recruitment, retention and peer-to-peer support. We facilitate group discussions, workshops and seminars on a range of fatherhood and family topics.

Strategic Consulting

  • Program Development: Strategies for program recruitment, engagement, and content.

  • Staff Development: Training to enhance skill development and effectiveness working with parent populations.


  • Parent Education and Workshops: Group training, workshops and seminars to inform and empower parents.